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website last updated - 19/04/2020

  • Peachkuns aka Granny Peach

  • My motto is work hard and make it cute and or lewd! I work mainly in digital, using a cartoony style

  • Join my discord server the Peachling pad

  • Tools : India ink and pens with that ink / Gouache / Color Pencil / Watercolor

  • Software : Clip Studio paint EX / PX-Pen artist 12

※Please do not edit, use, trace, or reproduce my Illustrations without my authorization.
※Commercial use without my permission is prohibited not to mention illegal.
※You can use my art as your profile picture / icon / header, with a proper credit;
"icon by @peachkuns" or “header by @peachkuns”
※Just please don't use my work for profit without my permission and giving me a cut.

Commission form

Please fill out the form with all the information for your commission and I will get back to you! You can also contact me on discord peachkuns#2203

Gneral rules

  • I mainly accept payment through PayPal, but Amazon egiftcards are also an option.

  • I will not take commissions from people under 18 for nsfw or sfw commissions if you are under 18 do not even interact with me

  • Prices can be negotiated, if the characters design are simple enough

  • I have the right to refuse any work, for any reason I'll be sending you messages informing you of the process and how it's going, as often as I can.

  • I will invoice you once the commission details are agreed on

  • You can post your commission on your social media, like, DeviantArt, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram,, Furaffinity, etc. but do credit me

  • It will take me an average of 1 month or less to finish must commissions

  • When commissioning me, you agree to give me artistic freedom in drawing your character

  • Food and rent before commissioning me, take care of yourself first, please

  • I will send you high-resolution files (example over 300dpi)

  • Payment upfront. And no complete refunds if I have already started working on it and especially if I am almost complete

  • You are not allowed to claim or sell my work as yours, must of the commissions I take are for your personal use. The only exception to this rule is if you start by commissioning me to make something that you want to sell, whether you want business or personal commission please tell me in advance

  • The price will get higher based on the complexity of the piece

  • I'll draw gals and dudes, but I do have a preference for drawing girls

this is how you make space

Won't draw no matter the cash you throw at me.

  • IRL people and depictions of children aka toddlercon actual loli/shota/cub are A HARD NO

  • Anything steven universe related

  • Fictional characters that are played by real actors in shows aka live action

  • Realism

  • Diaper play, scat, farting, scatophilia or fecophilia

  • Vore

  • Ugly characters

  • Realistic animals, Zoophilia

  • Racist or derogatory imagery

  • Necro

  • Fat fetishism

  • Anthropophagolagnia (cannibalism preceded by rape)

  • Autonepiophilia (role-playing as a kid/baby)

  • Emetophilia (vomit)

  • Feederism

  • Unbirthing

  • Big knees

NSFW exclusive rules

  • Do not mention anything sexual in the description of your PayPal payment, I don't want to have my account suspended because someone said boobies in the description.

  • Petite, short stacks, and fictional characters are okay

  • Girls with dicks are fine aka Futanari is fine

  • Gay, lesbian all fine

  • Fees for the "Will draw depending on the cash you throw at me" may vary from +20$ up to +800$ depending on the nasty thing you want me to draw

  • The list of things below are things I won't draw or will for money, if it's not listed it means I'll probably draw it with no extra costs. If you're not sure just ask, and if your shy you can ask annonimously

  • Regarding Femboys, Traps and Sissies, non human charcaters are preferred, they come with a 50$ extra price tag added and I will make an alt version where they have a vagina, and maybe boobs. This rule is for NSFW only, SFW you do not get the fee or the alt.

this is how you make space

Will draw depending on the cash you throw at me.

  • Anything depicting polygamy

  • Incest

  • Golden showers

  • Mommy/Daddy kink

  • Mild gore

  • Pregnancy

  • Feet

  • Armor

  • Hyper

  • NON/CON, Rape fantasies

  • Armpit fetishism

  • Macrophilia (giants)

  • Olfactophilia (smells)

  • Prolapse

  • Fisting

  • Certain types of inflation

  • Mecha, Mechanophilia

  • Insets

✎Illustrations€ Prices$ Prices
Portrait/Above boobs€35$42
Above knees/hip€45$54
Full body€60$73
Portrait/Above boobs€45$53
Above knees/hip€55$66
Full body€70$85
Portrait/Above boobs€55$66
Above knees€70$85
Full body€85$103
Full - ( adding shade and lighting to the flats )+€30+$35
Floating dicks/vaginas come included however extra characters are (+for each)+€20+$22
Simple background(will heavily depend on details needed)+€10 to or more+$11 or more
✎Sketchpages€ Prices$ Prices
Want a page full of sketches?€50$60
Want a page mixed with sketches and colored ones?€70$85
Want a page full of colored sketches?€90$109
  • Simpler designs will be cheaper

  • More complex designs will be pricier

  • For an added character it will cost +30$/€ per character

✎Comics€ Prices$ Prices
Greyscaleper page55€65$
Colored per page110€133$
  • Special Kinktober discount (Next one will be in 2021) for October/Kinktober, they will be NSFW, where you can choose a prompt and I'll draw your idea and or character on the day of the prompts for just 40€/$ if the prompt has already been picked up and paid for but you really want that prompt the fee is +25€/$ for me to do yours too. They will be done on the day unless something happens in which ill do then the next day or 2

  • Complex backgrounds will cost extra

  • One more character is free, so ill draw 2 in the comic, but more than that and it will bring up the price

  • Can be NSFW does not have to

  • Simple backgrounds come free more complex ones add to the price

  • If you get more than 5 pages you will get a 15% discount

  • W

✎Emotes€ Prices$ Prices
Emotes18 to 25 €22 to 30 $
Animates+10 €+12 $
  • 5x5cm and PNG 300dpi will be the file format

  • They will only be in flat colors

  • I will simplify complicated designs so it fits better for emote usage

  • Can be animated, but that will up the price a little, and it will be simple animation

  • Can be nsfw

  • 4,99$

  • Get access to everything I create even stuff I don't post publicly

  • Discord access with special roles

  • Google drive with +4 years worth of content

  • Get to make doodle requests in the server

  • 100¥ = 0,95$

  • Just a tip jar with access to things I create

  • 522¥ = 4,99$

  • Get access to everything I create even stuff I don't post publicly

  • Discord access with special roles

  • Google drive with +4 years worth of content

  • Get to make doodle requests in the server

  • 4,99$

  • Get access to everything i create even stuff I don't post publicly

  • Discord access with special roles

  • Google drive with +4 years worth of content

  • Get to make doodle requests in the server

Want to just make a one-time donation?

Wanna get something in return for giving me your $?

  • For this years daily challenge I decided to go with kinktober, which I've added here some of my favorite ones, instead of inktober, thought it would be a good idea to make them all comics so I can get some practice in that and get a better hold of my digital tools

  • 20 of kinktobers were commissioned by the people in my server for a discounted price which I plan to do every year.

  • You can buy the PDF of all the comic pages over at gumroad or you can go to pixiv to view it

  • This year I had 62 slots available, got 51 of them filled up, I make this year kinktober an event to raise money for me to move out of the homeless shelter I was in, worked out pretty well, big thank you to everyone that got a slot!

  • You can get the pdf with all the images on gumroad!